Following are names of QHS Alumni & Friends who we believe have passed away.  If we're mistaken, we're sorry.  The names are not in alphabetical order.  You will note that some names have suffixes or symbols after their names.  These are heroes who were KIA or "killed in action" or received medals for service above and beyond the call of duty.
In Memoriam
Sally Lahue
Billy Walt
Diane Williams
Jim  Wilkes
Judy Wilkes
Diane McGlade
Terry Regan
Scott Schick III
Ed Hammerbeck KIA
Bob Roth
Rick Ferguson
Joe Muir KIA (father also KIA in Vietnam)
Cleve Doster
Patti Ditta
Rand Paradis
Al Nelson KIA
Jim Rauchle
John C. Burton, Sr. (Principal at QHS 'til ''72)
Maxwell T. Williams
Joanne Eubank
Bob Johnson
Art Street (Teacher)
Julie Steger (Teacher)
Ed Drake (Teacher)
Rachel Whitelock (Teacher)
Gloria MacKay
Mike Piper
Barbara Jolly
Elizabeth Sale (Teacher)
Frank Potvin (Teacher)
George (Frank Potvin's mythical character)
Barbara King-Ferguson
Tommy McHenry
John Meydag
Bob Bowlin
Patti Regan
Coach Bill Marshall (Principal & Coach)
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Oswalt Blatt (Teacher)
Edwin Carscallen (Teacher)
T. Battaile Sale (Teacher)
Claire Knapp (Teacher)
John C. Burnett (Teacher)
Benjamin S. Goebel
James M. Nifong
Nora Flynn
Larry Brown
Tom Kilday
Delores Vitka
Rudy S. Kalasky
Mr. Kalasky was a Principal at QHS for many years and had over 30 years of service at QHS.  Mr. Kalasky was honored by the DoD with a special scholarship fund in his name for the outstanding student of the year for the next 20 years.  He is missed by a great many people (especially his family) as he passed on March 25, 2006.  (Info provided by Mr. Kalasky's daughter, Gina, phone no. 202-994-1243).
Steven R. Lawbaugh
Jeff Parker
Ralph Melville
Phil O'Connell
Cathy Wortman Boltwood
Dan Poorman
David F. Langley KIA
Alan "Porky" Steele
Ann-Marie Martin
Janet Marie Crum Singer
Pat Wismer-James
Charles Knippschild, Jr.
Chris Beckham 
Bridget Keating
Laura Coleman Pearce
Steven Boyd Davis
Carol Sue Roberts
Napoleon Bernie Harper Jr. (Teacher)
Michael Amerine
Barry Nolf
Matthew D. Manning
Howard Cale
Valerie Cale
Steve Peeden
Anna Kansler
Kathy Almeida
Scott Phillip Rhymer