Quackenbush-McCormick, Glenda, Quackenbush

Last Name: Quackenbush-McCormick
First Name: Glenda
Middle Name: K.
Last Name 2: McCormick
First Name 2: Edward
Middle Initial 2: J.
Nickname 2:  
Maiden Name: Quackenbush
Last Contact Date: 7/12/06
Home PO Box:  
Home Street: 6665 Wisteria Dr.
Home City: Myrtle Beach
Home State: SC
Home Postal Code: 29588
Home Phone: 770-587-1155
Home Phone 2:  
Mobile Phone:  
Mobile Phone 2:  
Business Phone:  
Business Phone 2:  
OK to contact @ work? Y?/N?:  
E-mail: glendaquack@cs.com
E-mail 2:  
Web page:  
Categories: QHS '57-'58
Notes: Parents' info.: Glenda's father is 86. 7/12/06: Miscellaneous info.: I remember so well being the only "Army brat" at QHS in 1957-1958, and it would be wonderful to hear from (and about) the people I knew--wow--very nearly 50 years ago! No space here for that many years of personal history. I went on to three more years of high schools and four different colleges, became an "Air Force wife" and had a daughter in Alaska (Jennifer Kittrell, now 41) and a sone (Cameron Kitrell, now 39) in Germany. As a young mother in California, I exchanged the choir robe I had been wearing all my life for more glamorous attire and started singing professionally in Sacramento, CA; Raleigh, NC; and finally in Atlanta, GA. Teenaged children and a mother who works at night is a lethal combination, and so I returned to school when I was 36 and two years later became a court reporter. I kept singing "to keep the rust out" until four years ago when working my "day job" and living with/caring for my father (who is now 86) made me just too tired to go out after dark. As I write this, I am "in transition" after 33 years in Atlanta, GA, to my new home in Myrtle Beach, SC, with the man I married three months ago in New Zealand. There are, of course, more details to this story, but I have promised to everyone for years that I will write a book, and it looks like I may finally have time to do just that! 6/26/2006: Got e-mail from Pat McArtor-Worton.

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